₋Lake Biwa Retreat₋

Meditation with Healing Yoga & homeCooking

Why not take a short break from your busy traveling schedule and refresh yourself doing slow and relaxing Meditation & Yoga/Pilates followed by a warm and healthy homemade lunch?

Revive your spirit with Meditation& Yoga/Pilates

Free your body, mind and spirit by connecting with the natural forces,

Let your body and mind rest in the bosom of nature,

Feel the universe within and sharpen your five senses.


These are the principals that this program considers important as the ultimate state of inner peace. 

We would like to recommend this tour especially to those who live a city life and for those who would like to take a break while traveling to listen to your body.

Healing Meditation & Yoga/Pilates session

morning Lake Biwa
©photographer Hiroyan

 Our meeting place is at Shiga station; 40-minute train ride from Kyoto station by JR Kosei-line. Relax and enjoy the beautiful view of Lake Biwa during your trip.

Jyuge Shrine in Shiga

 First, we visit Juge Shrine, which is located in a small forest overlooking Lake Biwa, and balance your energy. 

 It is said that a female goddess is enshrined here. The locals have looked after the shrine since long ago.


Lake Biwa Meditation & Yoga

 Similar to Yoga, the Pilates method is is a safe, gentle and highly effective way to strengthen, stretch and shape up your figure.  Relax and work with your body and mind with deep and slow breathing at this authentic traditional Japanese house. 

 This Meditation & Yoga/Pilates session will leave you feeling totally relaxed and refreshed. It will also try to guide you to look within yourself for a deeper experience. You are sure to feel the beneficial mental and physical results after the session. 


Lake Biwa
©photographer Hiroyan

 Breath is a very important component of the Meditation & Yoga/Pilates technique and a proper breathing method will significantly lessen stress.  

 The most effective way to guarantee one’s future health is to appreciate good health now while taking care of oneself. This Meditation & Yoga/Pilates aims to help people ‘Return to who you are by freeing your mind and spirit while working with your body’.



Farm to Table: Lunch Cooking Session

 After refreshing yourself with a Meditation & Yoga/Pilates session, enjoy making simple and healthy homemade dishes as a welcome change from dining out at restaurants. Learn how to prepare nourishing dishes with plenty of homegrown vegetables and rice. The dishes will of course vary depending on the season but we can certainly arrange the menu according to your requests if made in advance. 

 You will also have the chance to learn about local delicacies such as homemade pickles that are completely free from artificial preservatives and utterly delicious.


Cooking at a beautiful farmhouse
Cooking at a beautiful farmhouse
Try our healthy dishes with homegrown vegetables!
Try our healthy dishes with homegrown vegetables!


 Your body and mind will surely be satisfied after this tour just a few minutes’ walk from peaceful Lake Biwa. You can really start the next day anew.

 Finally, your tour conductor will accompany you on a lovely walk back to JR Shiga station. 

 We hope the warm and touching hospitality you receive will stay with you as one of the fondest memories of your trip to Japan.

meditation and yoga at lake biwa

Meeting Point

JR Shiga Station (Kosei-Line), about 40 minutes (10th stop) from JR Kyoto Station by a local train.

Train fare from Kyoto to Shiga is 580 JPY.

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