Lake Biwa Fishing Boat Cruise

Lake Biwa, the largest in Japan, is an ancient lake with a history of 4 million years. 

The west side of the lake is lined with mountains of 1,000 meters in height, and the magnificent scenery from the lake is so breathtaking that even those of us who live in the area are often mesmerized.


On this optional tour, a young successor of the lake's traditional fishing methods will show you how sustainable fishing has been practiced for over 1,000 years as you enjoy the lake's charms from his fishing boat.

In Shiga Prefecture, agriculture and fishery are practiced with a minimal burden on the ecosystem, and a way of life that takes advantage of the blessings of the local natural surroundings has been kept alive.


This environmentally friendly, regenerative agriculture, forestry, and fishery industry and people's lives are known as the "Lake Biwa Ecosystem," and it was registered as a 'Japan Agricultural Heritage' in 2019. 

Now locals are petitioning for it to be registered as a "World Agricultural Heritage".




In the tour, you will set off on a small fishing boat with the fisherman and learn about the sustainable and rich life bestowed by Lake Biwa that has been carefully nurtured by the people of this region.


Enjoy the cruise and feel the harmony of nature's energy and the magnificent scenery of the vast sky, lake and mountains from the boat, which we hope will quietly soothe your soul.


Departure Point

1. JR Wani Station (Kosei-Line) : 30 minutes from JR Kyoto Station by local train

2.【Optional】JR Kyoto Station

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Photo Gallery

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