~A hidden gem away from all the tourist hot spots of Japan~

Why not go beyond visiting typical tourist spots and take a break from ordinary sightseeing by joining our special programs?

 On our tour, you can experience quality Japanese traditional life as well as a farm to table cooking experience while enjoying heartwarming exchanges with our local host families who welcome you with their natural hospitality.  

 We offer programs where you can enjoy the beautiful scenes of Lake Biwa or terraced rice fields either by bicycle or by foot at a leisurely pace while learning about the traditional local culture and art.

 Led by our personable and knowledgeable local guides, the tours are either private or as part of a small group to ensure your utmost satisfaction. 

 Discover and join in the traditions of Shiga life amid uncrowded natural surroundings within just a short hop from Kyoto. It’s a great chance to encounter authentic local Japanese life amidst the stunningly beautiful countryside.

 We believe that our tours offer a real heart to heart cross-cultural experience, which will remain as one of the highlights of your trip in Japan. 


 Tour du lac members all live near the shores of Lake Biwa, the largest and most unique lake in Japan, and are looking forward to sharing time with you in the hope that we can offer a bridge between the tour participants and the local people in a shared celebration of our collective humanity.


Customers Reviews

“Absolutely fantastic a highlight of our trip”

If you have a chance to sign up for a tour, I would highly recommend you do so. We really enjoyed the time we spent at the farmers home, the shrine and the Onsen. The time spent with the family at their farm was simply amazing. We enjoyed making mochi and had a wonderful lunch prepared by the husband and wife. The town is beautiful. Our tour guide was excellent. The company inquired about our special interests so they could accommodate them and incorporate them into our tour. We opted to pass on the bicycle ride and took a taxi from the station to the shrine. Our guide was very accommodating ensured that all of our needs were met. Without hesitation I recommend Tour du Lac Biwa.

HaveTrunk (USA)

Review submitted  October 2016

“Great family tour - Farm Visit & Mochi Making ”

This was an amazing tour. A truly special experience that is different from the usual tourist visits.

 Our four year old was welcomed with open arms. We were all made to feel very welcome and a part of this Japan town for the day.

 We saw parts of Japan we could only dream of visiting and left with a greater understanding of a vast array topics. The easy walk through the town was appreciated and ended with a visit with a rice farming family - the memory of which will stay with us for many years. The family welcomed us with open arms and generosity and hospitality. The lunch was delicious especially the fresh vegetables and chicken. The happy banter around the lunch table was a lovely end to what was a great half day tour. We look forward to doing more tours when we return.

GrifGirl (Australia)
Review submitted  April 2017

Landscape photos: ©Biwako Visitors Bureau