Farm to table lunch cooking experience

Shiga Prefecture has the longest life expectancy for men in Japan and the fourth longest for women. We believe the key to this longevity lies in its food!

Rice terraces in Hata, Takashima

Cooking with a Japanese Grandma (One-day)

 Slow down to allow yourself to absorb the rich texture of real country life in Japan. On this tour lunch is a special experience in the private house of a farmer living in a small mountain village of spectacularly-beautiful rice terraces.

mochi making and chicken sukiyaki

Mochi and Chicken SUKIYAKI Lunch (Half-day)

 Experience Japanese farm life while visiting terraced rice fields and an old farmhouse. Enjoy traditional mochi making and delicious Chicken SUKIYAKI lunch cooking instructed by a warm-hearted local host family.

Time for Tea

matcha at tea ceremony

Tea Ceremony in the Countryside (One-day)

 Full day tour starts from cycling along the lake and then visit the Tea Ceremony Master's House to learn about tea ceremony style lunch preparation as well as authentic tea ceremony.

 Later by taxi, visit tucked away village among the terraced rice fields.

Savoring Aromatic Japanese Green Tea (Half-day)

 Savor the aromatic Asamiya Tea amid the magnificent tea plantations.

 Known as top level quality teas in Japan, Asamiya tea farms make up one of the original Japanese tea growing districts with a 1200-year history.

Finding peace of mind

meditation and yoga

Meditation, Yoga & Healthy Dishes (Half-day) 

 This unique Meditation & Yoga/Pilates session will leave you feeling totally relaxed and refreshed.  

 You will also learn and enjoy making delicious homemade country style lunch at a friendly farmer’s house using homegrown rice and fresh vegetables.

hieizan enryakuji temple and mt. hiei

Walk The Sacred Gyoja Pathway (One-day)

 Accompany a monk who has completed one of the most physically and mentally demanding challenges in the world.

 Follow the route along which he completed his practice and be spiritually empowered by his presence.


Pedal or Paddle Into Nature

Enjoying some outdoor exercise by beautiful Lake Biwa is not a bad way to spend your holiday..!

Asamiya, the origin of Japanese tea

Electric Bike Ride & Home Cooking (Half-day)

 Why not visit a charming farmhouse and enjoy learning delicious home-style dishes?

 This course will take you along a beautiful lakeside road up to the stunning scenes of rice terraces using cool electric bikes that provide a refreshing and comfortable ride.

Kayaking at Sunrise & BBQ (Overnight)

 Explore the beauty and serenity of Lake Biwa during your two day, one night stay at our lakefront accommodations.

 Can you imagine starting your day paddling out onto the calm surface of Japan’s largest lake to greet the early morning sunrise?

 (Currently Suspended)

A Touch of Culture

Kimono Dressing & Photo Session (3-hour program)

 Take beautiful photos of yourself dressed in a gorgeous Kimono by the largest lake in Japan! We will give you a gorgeous traditional Japanese Kimono dressing experience for your special holiday in slow local Shiga. 

Japanese Gargoyle Workshop

Japan's Last Roof Masters (Half-day)

 This tour is a behind the scenes visit to a 100 year old onigawara artisan workshop where craftsmen have continued the ancient hand-carved tradition of onigawara roof edge tile creation.