Asamiya The Tea Field In the Sky

An Introduction to Japanese Tea Making and Origin of Japanese Tea

At an altitude of 350m to 600m.

There is a great difference in temperatures between day and night.

Nestled among the low temperature area for tea production, the growing conditions in Asamiya seem rather sever. However, this is the key of high quality Asamiya tea as tea plants grow more slowly, allowing buds to take in enough nutrition. It is this factor that creates the deep aroma and mellow flavor with the traditional golden yellow color.


On this tour, we will visit a production area of Japanese green tea in the Asamiya district, southern Shiga. The beautiful plantations completely cover the entire hillsides and are so picturesque.

Asamiya tea was first planted by the monk who established Hieizan Enryakuji Temple, the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Shiga, who brought back tea seeds from China at the time of Tang Dynasty. The tea farms found here make up one of the original Japanese tea growing districts with a 1200-year history.

Aromatic Asamiya tea has been produced here continuously during that time and the area offers a nostalgic and healing occasion to those who visit.

We will learn about Japanese tea from local women who are in the tea business or work as tea farmers. Guests can share in activities such as picking & roasting the leaves and tea tasting from which you can learn the subtle details about different teas appropriate to the season and weather. 

A lunch cooking lesson using tea is also available. While chatting with the locals, how about making Tea Soba buckwheat noodle or Tempura deep flied tea leave using fresh local tea?

Savor the handmade dishes surrounded by beautiful scenery and the scent of fresh tea that will certainly add to your appetite.

*This tour is closed in August and February. 

Contact us for details including the activities, cooking class etc, as they vary seasonally and depend on the number of participants.

Depature Point

Kami-Asamiya Kusanone-House: 775 Kami-Asamiya, Shigaraki, Kouka, 529-1841 Shiga

Suggested Itinerary

10:00  Welcome at Asamiya

10:15  Visit to the tea fields

10:45  Stroll around the village

11:30  Experience making Tea Soba & Lunch

13:30  Tea leaf roasting experience & Tea Tasting 

14:30  Farewell                   

Photo Gallary

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Photo by Miho Museum
Photo by Miho Museum

After savoring the fresh tea, why not go on to the world-famous Miho Museum located close to the Asamiya tea fields?

With its breath-taking building design, enjoy the gorgeous art collection of ancient civilizations. The museum offers one of the leading collections of any private museum in Japan. 

The building is designed in the image of Shangri-la, with the concept of natural landscape conservation. About 80% of the building has been created underground so as to merge with the natural surroundings. The architect was I. M. Pei who designed the "Glass pyramid " of the Louvre in Paris.