Walk the sacred Gyoja pathway

Mt. Hiei, rising on the western shore of Lake Biwa, has long been considered an area of great spiritual significance and is the birthplace of many high priests as well as where mountain ascetics have long-practiced their rigorous training. Enryaku-ji Temple, a Tendai monastery founded by Saicho in 788, situated on the mountain's summit overlooking Kyoto and Lake Biwa, is a World Heritage Site, and its teachings have been handed down for 1200 years.


We have planned a tour to walk this mountain with the high priest, known as a Dai Ajari, who has accomplished the grueling ascetic practices here on the mountain, and have conducted a number of trial tours with him over the last year.


We will follow in the footsteps of the monks who trained on this mountain, immerse ourselves in the surrounding nature, and visit the Dai Ajari's temple to share our feelings and thoughts about the essence of spiritual practices and to take part in his unique and stirring incantation.

We feel very privileged to work with such a person and cherish this opportunity to share his experience and teachings. Please join us if you wish to glimpse and experience the essence of this Buddhist aesthetic practice and gain more insights into your own dhamma path.