Happy Reunion!

Cool young gentlemen from Singapore returned to our tour for the second time!

It was a lovely reunion since this January. We felt such an honor and a pleasure that the guests have come back to the same tour with his friends.

We hope our friendship will continue. We wish for their bright future!



After the tour, we received a very sweet feedback from them. We are touched by their warm gesture and would like to introduce their impressions here.


A fruitful experience of Japanese culture is what I promise you will enjoy if you are to attend the Farmer’s Tour  

Want to understand more about Shinto, an ancient religion practiced by the Japanese?

Test our knowledgeable tour guide as she brings you to explore the shrine where the Rain Deity resides. My friends and I were at awe as we witness the significance of the Rain Deity in the plantation of Japanese pearl rice that the world has come to love. 

 You will also get your fortune told on a piece of empty white paper, mysteriously revealing the god's message only after washing it with the sacred water in the shrine. 


After the introduction to the Japanese religion, you will be brought to a quint little house own by a friendly yet quirky old couple, where you will get a first-hand exposure into traditional mochi (rice cake) making. Work up a sweat and have fun getting your hands dirty as you pound the mochi which you well get to try. I can assure you that even though the process of making rice cakes between the Chinese, Koreans and Japanese are similar, they have very different taste and textures. 


After you have had your fun, you will be then be treated to an authentic Japanese meal by the old couple. Be prepared to wait though as the chicken sukiyaki that you will have is made from scratch, using products fresh from the old couple's farm. 


Feeling adventurous ?

The old couple may also show you their homemade soju infused with snakes or wasp, caught from the wild. You can still try out these fermented exotic creatures. From what I was told, the larvae of the wasp apparently taste like cream cheese. If you are not used to food like these, it is perfectly fine to turn the couple down on their offer.


To conclude, my friends and I truly enjoyed ourselves and would recommend you to try it. I would also advise you to check when the rain festival is as it will definitely be a sight to see. However, as it is only conducted once a year, be warn that to view this festival, it will be during a peak period.   



Thank you, gentlemen! We feel as if we have got a great spokesmen.