About tour du lac biwa

 Tour du Lac Biwa is made up of a group of dedicated tour agency professionals who are all local women living in the Western region of Lake Biwa in Shiga Prefecture. 
 We are a very unique and international group, having studied abroad and loved traveling the world.  Therefore, we have invited countless friends from abroad and created special private tours for them to experience and explore our cherished Shiga.

 Our guests from abroad spent a very fulfilling time here and went back home satisfied and content, having come to love Shiga like their second hometown.

Based on these experiences, we started our business and have planned our tours with this hospitality in mind. 

 Kyoto, the former imperial capital of Japan, is known for its graceful imperial culture and art. The people in next-door Shiga supported Kyoto’s culture for centuries with its agriculture, craftsmanship and water transport on Lake Biwa.


 This is why we can find a flourishing culture unique to Shiga linked to the famous imperial capital of Japan: Kyoto. 

 In addition, the tranquil and beautiful views of the countryside, the warm heart of the local people and majestic views of Japan’s biggest lake, Lake Biwa, will give you a profound sense of well-being.

 Our tours provide great experiences to travelers who seek the real Japan.

What you want to see and experience in Japan is right here in Shiga! 

Your tour conductors

Tour du lac tour conductor Keiko Burkholder

Keiko Burkholder

Hello ! I'm Keiko. I live on the West side of Lake Biwa and really enjoy the nature here.  

I can present energy breathing & meditation workshops on the beach by request. Your energy will be revitalized and you'll feel completely refreshed.

Tour du lac has many unique and heart-warming tours. We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Misako Deegan

 Hi, I'm Misako Deegan. I am a very experienced Hair stylist & Make-up artist for brides as well. I am happy to assist you in the correct way to wear a Japanese Kimono for a very special experience; Kimono dressing & Lakeside Photo Session.  

 I am most happy to show you around this lovely area of rural Japan in Shiga. You will meet charming local farmers and receive their warm and generous hospitality.

 Looking forward to seeing you in Shiga!

Shino Matsumoto S.

 Warm greetings! My name is Shino. I was born into a Sento

(public bathhouse) family in Tokyo but have lived in and loved Shiga and Kyoto for the last 14 years.

 I am a Certified Guide and eager to assist you in coming to understand Japan, its culture and people. Also, having worked

for an environmental NGO, I am passionate about environmental and social issues. It is my pleasure to be part of your trip to Japan and I will surely do my best to make your visit an extra-special one..!

saori okada

 Hello! My name is Saori.

 I and my family moved to this beautiful area surrounded by mountains and the lake and are enjoying everyday living.  Normally, I am teaching pottery at a school for special needs children. I would love you to see and experience people's life based on the wisdom of life and Japan's unique culture. I can guarantee that you will come to like Japan more and more as you learn about it!



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